Supported Programs

In addition to our many North American and international trips for adults, Wilderness Inquiry provides a variety of programs and services designed to promote outdoor pursuits for youth, families, people with disabilities, and others. Programs include:

  • Canoemobile brings classroom learning outside, engaging youth and young adults to improve school performance, cultivate a stewardship ethic, and create pathways to pursue academic and career opportunities in the outdoors.

  • Many families have an interest in outdoor adventures together but lack the means or know-how to include a child or parent with a disability. Project FIT provides support in the form of trip assistants, adaptive equipment, and financial assistance to help make the outdoors accessible for all families.

  • Gateway To Adventure is an innovative program designed to provide people with cognitive disabilities the opportunity to learn and practice the kinds of social and practical skills typically needed to have a safe, enjoyable outdoor adventure experience.

  • Outdoor Career Academy (OCA) is a credentialing and skill-building program that engages youth to build life-long connections to the outdoors and a pathway to employment in the outdoor and environment industry.

  • We like to bring community together. From free paddling workshops to adventure presentations, we’ll take any excuse to bring together our volunteers, donors, trip participants, and old and new friends alike.

Wilderness Inquiry conducts these and other programs serving a variety of people in several communities. Learn more about these programs and how you can support our efforts.

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