Treasurer’s Annual Report

We are proud to report that 2013 was another great year for Wilderness Inquiry. We continue to focus on our mission and build for long-term health and sustainability of our organization. Overall revenues were up from the previous year, our endowment was strengthened, and investment in facilities and equipment was made. Most importantly, over 18,000 people had a life experience in the outdoors as part of a Wilderness Inquiry program — more than any other year in our history. The Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventures program continued to grow, and the Canoemobile reached more communities across the country.

Our audited financial statements summarized below are as of December 31, 2013, and were prepared by Carpenter, Evert & Associates, Certified Public Accountants.  Download a copy of our 2013 form 990 or Audit for more.

2013 Charts