Treasurer’s Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2014 was a ground-breaking year for Wilderness Inquiry. Program revenues were up nearly 10%, reflecting the continued success of WI’s programs. The expansion in these programs was supported by a record year for fundraising and grant awards. WI was the recipient of a large endowment gift to support programming in Yellowstone National Park, which more than doubled the value of WI’s endowment and is truly transformational. Lastly, the “Burn the Mortgage” campaign provided funds to pay off the mortgage on our Apostle Islands Little Sand Bay property and to significantly pay down the mortgage on our Minneapolis headquarters.

Our audited financial statements summarized below are as of December 31, 2015, and were prepared by Carpenter, Evert & Associates, Certified Public Accountants. Our 2015 Annual Report will be available shortly.

  • Download a copy of our our 2015 form 990 or Audit for more detailed information.
  • Archived copy of our our 2014 form 990 or Audit for more detailed information.