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Join Explorer Ann Bancroft in the Great River Race

Contestants in Wilderness Inquiry's Great River Race celebrate

This September anyone who sponsors a boat in Wilderness Inquiry’s Great River Race can compete against world-renowned explorer Ann Bancroft. On September 16, Bancroft will take place in the seventh annual event, which starts and ends at Hidden Falls Regional Park in St. Paul. The course covers a 6-mile loop on the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. Event participants take in beautiful views from the water, get a solid workout, and go home with a story about how they raced one of the world’s greatest explorers in the middle of her longest expedition to date.


Grand Rapids: Redefining its river relationship

Canoemobile paddled with more than 1,000 eighth graders from Grand Rapids Public Schools last week at a critical time. The community is redefining its relationship to the Grand River with the GR Forward Downtown & River Action Plan. The plan emphasizes environmental education, social equity, and community engagement, all hallmarks of the Canoemobile program.

Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss initiated the idea of hosting Canoemobile as part of her involvement with the Cities Connecting Children to Nature initiative. GR Parks and Recreation and GR Public Schools then partnered with Wilderness Inquiry to bring the program to town for the first time. (more…)

Bringing the world outside, one community at a time

Canoemobile visited Salt Lake City for the first time this month, hometown to our newest partner Vista Outdoor, whose mission is Bringing the World Outside. We were grateful to have Vista’s CamelBak water bottles in the dry desert air, keeping students, outdoor leaders, and teachers hydrated and ready to learn!

The community welcomed Canoemobile with open arms. As Wilderness Inquiry Outdoor Leader, Christine Tomlinson, described it: (more…)

Canoemobile inspires future conservation leaders!

This article originally appeared in the United States Department of Agriculture’s blog by Leah Anderson.

A young girl looks fearfully at the large wooden canoe bobbing on the water. She steps into the canoe and it moves. She yelps, and is given a reassuring smile by her boat captain. She gets settled holding her paddle tightly, convinced with every movement that the canoe will capsize. (more…)

Getting in the boat together with Canoemobile on the Chattahoochee River

Yesterday we had a special guest named Aimee Copeland come out to paddle with Canoemobile on the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta. We warn you in advance that this story may encourage you to do things that you didn’t think you could.

Aimee is an amazing young woman who garnered national attention a few years ago when a zip line accident occurred in a river near her friend’s house. While in the air, the zip line broke and Amy fell into the river where she received a deep gash in her leg. Unfortunately, the water harbored a flesh-eating bacteria which resulted in an amputation of her left leg up to her hip, and another amputation of her right leg below her knee. The doctors also had to eventually amputate both of her hands. (more…)

Rochester elementary students begin their journey with the Zumbro River

Wilderness Inquiry’s Canoemobile visited Rochester for the first time this year in a statewide push to connect more kids in Greater Minnesota to their local waterways and public lands.

With the help of Minnesota’s Legacy Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund and Rochester Public Schools’ Riverside Elementary principal, Matt Ruzek, this fall’s Canoemobile program on the Zumbro River will be the first of a series of Wilderness Inquiry (WI) experiences for the 240 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. (more…)

Hurricane Matthew does not dampen spirits of Canoemobile participants

With support from Toad&Co and the National Park Foundation, Canoemobile is connecting 1,000 individuals with disabilities to their local parks in 2016. Through this initiative, nine freshmen students in the special education program at Brooklyn’s Abraham Lincoln High School experienced overnight camping for their first time with Canoemobile.

This is their story by Canoemobile outdoor leader, Mike Hosken. (more…)

Partners come together to inspire stewardship in Boston

To make the biggest impact possible in each city Canoemobile visits, every day of paddling relies on a collective effort of community support and deep partnerships with local, state and federal organizations and agencies.

This year, Canoemobile Boston/Somerville introduced more than 1,000 community members to their Charles, Mystic, and Neponset Rivers with the support of Toad&Co, the National Park Foundation, the National Park Service, US Forest Service, RBC Wealth Management, Groundwork Somerville, city schools, nonprofits, and local and state lawmakers. (more…)

A Toad&Co and Canoemobile story from Portland, Maine

Wilderness Inquiry’s Canoemobile visited Portland, Maine for the very first time thanks to Toad&Co, an adventure clothier that generously supports Canoemobile to create outdoor opportunities for adults with disabilities. With the help of Toad&Co’s Freeport store general manager, Ponch Membreño, Canoemobile paddled Casco Bay with local community members including families and adults with visual impairments and cognitive disabilities.


Canoemobile connects Chicago kids and adults to their local public lands and waterways

In partnership with Openlands, a Chicago organization that connects residents to their public lands and waterways, Canoemobile spent a week in Chicago paddling with more than 675 local community members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Canoemobile hosted several free Chicago community events this September taking anyone in the area who wanted to paddle out on our 24-foot Voyageur canoes at Beaubien Woods, Ping Tom Park, Humboldt Park and Jackson Park.

Through these events, Canoemobile assisted Openlands in their mission to connect local residents to nature with the goal of enriching people’s lives and inspiring stewardship for the health of the region.


#Canoemobile2016: The story behind the photo

Outdoor leader, Cory Dack shares her Canoemobile story.

“This photo captures one of my favorite moments of the entire Canoemobile week.

I had just yelled, “First and second graders get to go canoeing first! If you’re coming canoeing right now, follow me over here!” Then a little boy broke away from the circle and RAN to me, IMMEDIATELY threw his arms around me and hugged me with all of his little-love-might. His hug set a precedent and all of the other kids followed suit. They were all hugging me so hard, and more and more of them latched on to me that they almost knocked me over. It was such a massive, completely impromptu show of the type of unconditional love that children have radiating from within. (more…)

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