Inclusive Outdoor Adventure Travel

Do you like sharing great places, cultures and experiences with wonderful people from all walks of life? Join us! Choose from over 50 outdoor-oriented adventures throughout North America and around the world. Whether by pack or paddle, in a tent or cozy lodge, our trips truly do offer something for everyone, and provide exceptional value. Share the Adventure with Wilderness Inquiry!

What is Wilderness Inquiry

We are a non-profit adventure travel organization on a mission of connecting everyone to great places through activities such as sea kayaking, canoeing, rafting, hiking, safaris and dogsledding. Our adventures take you all over the world, from the Mississippi River to East Africa on high quality experiences featuring carefully crafted itineraries, excellent food, top notch gear and, best of all, highly skilled trail guides who care deeply about providing you the very best experience possible.

Inclusive by nature

Wilderness Inquiry is all about access, inclusion, and opportunity. We believe exploration of the natural world is a birthright we all share, and we act on that belief. We operate in a manner that facilitates full participation by everyone, including people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

When you travel with us, you are opening the world to yourself and to others, creating opportunities for everyone to learn from and enjoy great places, new people, and new cultures. This is why so many of our participants come back again and again. To learn more about our mission and organization, go to the About Us section.

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