African Service Safaris

Beyond the African safaris that we facilitate for travelers and adventurers, Wilderness Inquiry helps to support several schools and programs in East Africa. We partner with US organizations to conduct safaris for volunteers who come to Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda to help with worthwhile local causes. Examples of these programs include:

  • Kambi School — Serving children near Naro Moru, the place where Richard Muthoga Mwaura (one of our experienced local partners), grew up on the flanks of Mt. Kenya.

  • Friends of Ngong Road — Providing support for children effected by AIDS/HIV in impoverished areas in and near the city of Nairobi.

  • Enkiteng Lepa Community School — A school that is seeking equity and education for Maasai girls and women.

We hope you will choose to travel with Wilderness Inquiry to East Africa on adventures that do change people’s lives. For more information contact us at 612-676-9400 or

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