East Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda Safaris

Most people travel to Kenya and Tanzania to experience elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, and Cape buffalo–the Big Five safari animals. You will see every animal you could imagine, and then some. On our newest safari experience in Uganda, you will not only see the classic safari game, but you will track gorillas and chimpanzees through dense jungle.

The idea for our East Africa safaris was born in 2003 on a Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing trip that included Andy Walz and Richard Muthoga Mwaura before they worked at WI. They dreamed of sharing their appreciation and knowledge of East Africa with fellow adventurers. This dream became a reality in 2005, and WI has been conducting safaris in Kenya and Tanzania since then.

In 2016, we added the Uganda safari after meeting a very experienced Ugandan guide who attended university in Minnesota near our headquarters. This is exactly what sets our African Safaris apart–our local connections to the land and the people who live there. We work very closely with local guides and partners in each country who know the people, the land, and of course the animals.

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