Hiking Outdoor Adventure Trips

Hike & Explore with us! Each of our hiking adventures is uniquely designed to capture the best of great destinations like the Big Island of Hawaii, Olympic National Park, or the North Shore of Lake Superior. These trips are lodge-based. You will explore great places during the day while returning to the comfort of a bed and shower after your hike. While exploring, we typically carry small day packs that contain a few essentials such as a water bottle, rain gear and camera.

Some of our hiking outdoor adventure trips are multi-activity trips that include sea kayaking, canoeing or snorkeling. These typically include more of our international destinations, such as Costa Rica, Belize, or New Zealand. Be sure to read the trip information to find out what activities will be offered on your trips of interest. We add new destinations all the time, so be sure to check this often if you are interested.

See dates and details for our scheduled trips:

  • Experience Jungles, Beaches, and Mayan Ruins.
    8 Days: Trip Fee $1995

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