Trips By Activity

Trips by activity helps you choose how you want to explore the world. Relax on safari, paddle a canoe, or challenge yourself on a whitewater raft. From sea kayaking to horse back riding, Wilderness Inquiry offers a wide variety of activities on our adventures. Click on the photo or activity heading below to see all of our current trips by activity.

  • Sea kayaks offer a safe and personal way to explore the Apostle Islands or the Slate Islands in Lake Superior, Alaska’s Prince William Sound, or other sea kayak destinations.

  • Canoeing is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to travel in the outdoors, whether to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area or the Upper Missouri River.

  • Our trips with Voyageur canoes are completely unique. Our custom-designed, hand-made cedar strip canoes are 24 feet long and hold up to 10 passengers. Incredibly swift and stable, everyone loves paddling these great boats.

  • Riding a horse can be an extremely fun and interesting experience, especially in the Colorado Rockies above the tree line. The horses we use are well trained and well conditioned. They are truly beautiful trail companions.

  • Our hiking adventures are designed to capture the best of great destinations like the Big Island of Hawaii, Olympic National Park, or the North Shore of Lake Superior. Most of these trips are lodge-based. Explore great places during the day, and return to the comfort of a bed and shower after your hike.

  • Whitewater rafting is an ideal way to enjoy the great rivers of the west, such as the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. Our rafting trips often have many opportunities for hiking and exploring cultural sites, so be sure to read the trip information for a more detailed description.

  • Kenya and Tanzania safaris balance African wildlife viewing with phenomenal cultural experience to provide the journey of a lifetime. Travel by foot and four-wheel drive vehicles to places like the Masaai Mara Reserve, Mt. Kenya or the Serengeti.

  • Wilderness Inquiry has offered dogsledding experiences in the Boundary Waters for many years, starting in 1981 when we first teamed up with now famous arctic explorer Will Steger.

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