College Student Adventures

Wilderness Inquiry works with college students of all backgrounds and abilities to provide inclusive outdoor recreation and experiential education programs. From leadership and professional development to international study abroad and full semester engagements, Wilderness Inquiry partners with dozens of colleges and universities to augment their academic offerings:

We often work with faculty members to create great educational trips for students. Choose from an existing destination, or design your own student experience to meet the academic requirements of your program.

Our staff are highly skilled outdoor professionals who not only can help plan and support a trip, but many are also educators and professors themselves. Greg Lais, our Executive Director, teaches several courses in Outdoor Leadership for the University of Minnesota.

Wilderness Inquiry adventures help students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities develop confidence, understanding of the environment and appreciation for people from diverse cultures.

Get started by completing this brief on-line questionnaire, or by contacting Josh Swedberg at (612) 676-9417 or

Recent blog posts about our College Programs

mississippi-river-classroom The Mississippi River as classroom: Augsburg semester in review December 18, 2015 - A few nights ago, we went to a great exhibit about the Augsburg College River Semester compiled by an art and design class using materials created during the semester. To understand the entirety of what these students encountered can’t be captured by any one exhibit, or one article, or one Instagram feed. Their experience was life-changing and academically enriching. The Mississippi River offered itself as the ultimate classroom for four months to a dozen talented, interested, and engaged students.
augsburg-river-semester-wilderness-inquiry-guides College courses come alive with Wilderness Inquiry October 22, 2015 - “Einstein once said, ‘I never teach my students, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn,’” says Dr. Paul Shirilla, Director of the Outdoor and Adventure Education Program at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Wilderness Inquiry, per Einstein, is providing the conditions in which college students learn valuable lessons, outside the classroom, in the real world.
red-wing-republican-eagle-augsburg Augsburg River Semester making quite an impression on communities down river October 2, 2015 - The Augsburg River Semester is a big deal. As a first-of-its-kind experiential learning program on the Mississippi, communities down river have been curious and excited as the dozen Augsburg students, two professors, and two Wilderness Inquiry guides paddle into town. Check out the local coverage:
08-288314+02B3PHOTO090215 Nation’s first-ever river semester with Augsburg College September 2, 2015 - Augsburg Professor Joe Underhill began dreaming about a semester on the Mississippi 15 years ago. On September 1, thirteen Auggie students, two professors, and two Wilderness Inquiry guides launched the first-of-its-kind River Semester. Students on the trip will be working on projects about everything from the ecology of the river to social justice issues in St. Louis to documentary film making. The launch was featured on the front page of the Pioneer Press.
University of Minnesota students at Wilderness Inquiry's Apostle Islands Basecamp. Outdoor Leadership at the University of Minnesota May 14, 2015 - WI completed the 5th year of our Outdoor Leadership class for the University of Minnesota. This class is part of our ongoing partnership with the School of Kinesiology and the Outdoor Recreation Immersion Semester. Over 30 students learned about risk management, judgement and decision-making, and situational leadership at our training facility in Dinkytown and at our Apostle Island Kayak Base Camp.

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