College Student Adventures

Wilderness Inquiry works with college students of all backgrounds and abilities to provide inclusive outdoor recreation and experiential education programs. From leadership and professional development to international study abroad and full semester engagements, Wilderness Inquiry partners with dozens of colleges and universities to augment their academic offerings:

We often work with faculty members to create great educational trips for students. Choose from an existing destination, or design your own student experience to meet the academic requirements of your program.

Our staff are highly skilled outdoor professionals who not only can help plan and support a trip, but many are also educators and professors themselves. Greg Lais, our Executive Director, teaches several courses in Outdoor Leadership for the University of Minnesota.

Wilderness Inquiry adventures help students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities develop confidence, understanding of the environment and appreciation for people from diverse cultures.

Plan your trip today! Get started by completing this brief online questionnaire or calling 612-676-9400.

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