College Student Adventures

Looking for creative adventures or field trip ideas for your college or university? Wilderness Inquiry works with college students of all backgrounds and abilities to provide inclusive outdoor recreation and experiential education programs. We conduct hundreds of multi-day adventure trips and field trip activities for schools throughout the United States and abroad, including:

We often work with faculty members to create great educational trips for students. Examples range from day trips near campus to sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands to study abroad tours in Tanzania, Costa Rica or New Zealand. Choose from an existing destination, or design your own student experience.

Our staff are highly skilled outdoor professionals who not only can help plan and support a trip, but many are also educators and professors themselves. Greg Lais, our Executive Director, teaches Outdoor Leadership for the University of Minnesota.

Wilderness Inquiry adventures help students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities develop confidence, understanding of the environment and appreciation for people from diverse cultures.

Find your trip today! Get started by completing this brief on-line questionnaire, or by contacting Josh Swedberg at (612) 676-9417 or

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08-288314+02B3PHOTO090215 Nation’s first-ever College River Semester | Star Tribune September 2, 2015 - Star Tribune photographer Elizabeth Flores documented the launch of the Augsburg River Semester at Kelley’s Landing on Harriet Island in St. Paul. The flotilla of four 24-foot voyageur canoes headed out for a four month, nearly 1,800 mile journey down the Mississipi. Check out the entire photo gallery here.
Augsburg College students , with Professor Joe Underhill in the stern, embark on a semester of study on the Mississippi River, beginning their paddle from St. Paul to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico, on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.  A class of 16 Augsburg College students led by Professor Joe Underhill are paddling in 24-foot voyageur canoes.They will spend the semester studying, researching and living on the river. The students taking part in the nation’s first-ever River Semester will travel nearly 2,000 miles of the 2,350-mile-long Mississippi River to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico.Students participating in this hands-on, interdisciplinary program will earn as many as 16 credits studying biology, environmental studies, health and physical education, and political science.
 (Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi) Augsburg class will paddle down the Mississippi River | Pioneer Press September 2, 2015 - Augsburg Professor Joe Underhill began dreaming about a semester on the Mississippi 15 years ago. On September 1st, sixteen Auggie students, two professors, and two Wilderness Inquiry guides launched the first-of-its-kind River Semester. The launch was featured on the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
University of Minnesota students at Wilderness Inquiry's Apostle Islands Basecamp. Outdoor Leadership at the University of Minnesota May 14, 2015 - WI completed the 5th year of our Outdoor Leadership class for the University of Minnesota. This class is part of our ongoing partnership with the School of Kinesiology and the Outdoor Recreation Immersion Semester. Over 30 students learned about risk management, judgement and decision-making, and situational leadership at our training facility in Dinkytown and at our Apostle Island Kayak Base Camp.
University of Minnesota Students at the Apostle Islands for outdoor leadership Outdoor Leadership at the Apostle Islands May 4, 2014 - Today we completed our Outdoor Leadership class at our Apostle Islands Base Camp. Thirty-three great University of Minnesota students took this class and learned about judgment and decision making, situational leadership, the Universal Program Participation Model and a host of other issues. This year the ice was still bunched in Little Sand Bay, so we did not get out sea kayaking.
University of Minnesota students at School Bus Rock, Little Sand Bay Outdoor Leadership course for University of Minnesota May 6, 2013 - For the last 4 years, we’ve been teaching a class on Outdoor Leadership at the University of Minnesota. It’s been great fun! The best part has been meeting, teaching and mentoring some really fine young people. This past weekend we did the outdoor component of the class up at the Apostle Islands. We were supposed to sea kayak, but the weather did not cooperate so well.

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