Staff Training: Little Sand Bay 2014

There’s something about waking up in a tent and stepping out into the wilderness; to be free from the everyday city life and focus on the natural beauty around you. It’s an unparalleled experience.

With 46 new trail guides, boat captains and interns for the 2014 summer season, WI left the busy city and took a staff trip to the Apostle Islands Kayak Base Camp near Little Sand Bay for a hands-on training weekend in the woods. Various service projects, lessons from WI’s “experts,” and adventures on (and in) the water helped staff to prepare for the season, grow in their leadership ability and sharpen outdoor skills.

WI focuses on inclusion and providing life-changing outdoor adventures for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Through a series of thought-provoking lessons and activities, staff learned the importance of servant leadership, wilderness skills, and adaptation and problem solving techniques. We also had the unique opportunity to have three participants along for the trip, creating a more realistic training experience.

Hilary Bulger, the LSB base camp coordinator, led staff in a training session about kayaking and canoeing Lake Superior. Friday morning was spent running team building activities in boats, wading in the chilly water, mingling with fellow staff members and sipping hot drinks on the shores of Lake Superior.

Boat1  Ade1

One of the highlights of the LSB trip each year is the annual cook-off, for which each staff pod prepares a gourmet meal on the last night of the trip. Check out the LSB Staff Cook-Off post on the Wilderness Kitchen blog to learn more and get some great recipes.

With a tool kit of new skills and vans full of new friends, WI staff headed home and graduated from training with a cookout and ceremony back at the Minneapolis warehouse Sunday night. We look forward to see what this season holds for WI and its fantastic new trail staff, interns, and boat captains!

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  1. Susan Dabney says:

    I look forward to following your journal through the summer! You have a fabulous organization!
    Brian Burke’s Mom.

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