2016 Great River Race Results

Saturday, September 10 was the perfect early fall day for Wilderness Inquiry’s 6th Annual Great River Race. At 9 a.m., St. Paul’s Hidden Falls Regional Park was abuzz with energetic teams ready to race down the Mississippi River in 24-foot Voyageur canoes to Lilydale Regional Park. During the event, more than 350 people paddled, watched and volunteered to support Canoemobile Minnesota, a Wilderness Inquiry program that connects more than 15,000 local kids to outdoor opportunities annually.

View photo gallery and download images from the race.

A big thank you to our guest speakers: Mayor Coleman, Congressman Ellison, former Mayor of Minneapolis Sharon Sayles-Belton, MPS teacher John Strand, and former MPS student, Talon Benavides. We thank our partners and sponsors who make the race — and what the race stands for — possible.

Thanks to our sponsors for their generous support of Canoemobile Minnesota. In addition to the boat sponsors listed below, we received in-kind support from Coborn’s Delivers, Dunn Bros Coffee, Great Harvest Bread Co, Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls, St. Croix Printing, and Minnesota United FC. To sponsor a boat or get involved in the 2016 Great River Race for Student Success, please contact us at 612-676-9400 or info@wildernessinquiry.org.


1st Place: Ryan Companies
Team Captain: Anders Pesavento
Boat Captain: Allie Dart
Time: 30:11

2nd Place: University of Minnesota
Team Captain: Sean Morrissey
Boat Captain: Michael Anderson
Time: 30:54

3rd Place: Initio
Team Captain: Paul Chapin
Boat Captain: Meg Krueger
Time: 31:13

Spirit Award Winners: UCare, Traveler02 Great River Race 2016s

Team Captain: Steph Matz
Boat Captain: Kristen Sinicariello
Time: 31.17

Team Captain: David Edmiston
Boat Captain: Cory Dack
Time: 31:36

Team Captain: Adam McCullough
Boat Captain: William Onkka
Time: 31:40

DuBois04 Great River Race 2016Team Captain: John DuBois
Boat Captain: John DuBois
Time: 32:12

Orange Tree
Team Captain: Dan Fredell
Boat Captain: Lyndon Tortenson
Time: 32:32

Team Captain: John Conlin
Boat Captain: Meg Thompson
Time: 32:53

Dorsey & Whitney
Team Captain: Jaime Stilson03 Great River Race 2016
Boat Captain: Andy Walz
Time: 32:59

Faegre Baker Daniels
Team Captain: Steven Reeves
Boat Captain: Laura Johnson
Time: 33:16

Team Captain: Doug Moore
Boat Captain: Brian Burke
Time: 33:18

Team Captain: Debby Erickson
Boat Captain: Larry Raineri
Time: 33:2016 Great River Race 2016

Thomson Reuters
Team Captain: Yusef McNulty
Boat Captain: Steve Pieh
Time: 33:31

Race Judicata
Team Captain: Dan Moreno
Boat Captain: Nathan Sunnarborg
Time: 33:44

Team Captain: Joe Green
Boat Captain: Madison Watson
Time: 34:2Great River Race 2016


Team Captain: Lori Andersen
Boat Captain: Stew Stone
Time: 34:34

Mississippi Park Connection
Team Captain: Anna Waugh
Boat Captain: Jim Ford
Time: 34:48

Team Captain: Melissa Sather
Boat Captain: Brandon Liddiard
Time: 37:29

Carleton CollegeGreat River Race 2016
Team Captain: NA
Boat Captain: Adreon Morgan
Time: 38:00

Minneapolis Public Schools
Team Captain: John Strand
Boat Captain: Nate Lien
Time: 38:21

Team Captain: Sarah Milligan-Toffler
Boat Captain: Julia Turner
Time: 39:06

Team Captain: Bill Simpson
Boat Captain: Klari Prikazsky
Time: 41:30


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