Food & Menus


Food is very important on Wilderness Inquiry trips, as both something to enjoy and also as a means to bring groups together. Cookbook author and food expert Beth Dooley oversees our menus and recipes to ensure the very best quality! For most trips, we prepare your food family style. Different places, climates and modes of travel do influence our menus. On lodge-based trips, most meals are prepared for you in local restaurants and kitchens. You will be pleased with the quality and variety of food, as well as how it is prepared and served.

Typical Meals You Can Expect:

  • Breakfast: We love great coffee in the morning, with pancakes, eggs, bacon, french toast, oatmeal and granola for breakfast.

  • Lunch: Bagels, gorp, sausage and cheese, or tuna salad for lunch. Lunches tend to be on the go, as we are usually active during the day. But there is always plenty of great food to keep you going!

  • Dinner: Calzones, pasta and chicken alfredo. On many base camp trips we will grill out, and on international or lodge based trips we’ll often eat local cuisine, which is always exquisite.

Alternative Diet Options

As you complete the online registration form, please identify any dietary restrictions based on documented health concerns, such as anaphylactic reactions and diagnosed food allergies. We can work with some medically verified diets but do not cater to all individual food preferences. We will do our best to accommodate dietary preferences such as vegetarian, gluten free, and kosher.

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