General Trip and Registration Information

Wilderness Inquiry's Operations Manager Lindsay Dean

Fees may be paid by check, or online by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Unless otherwise noted, the fee for each trip includes all trail meals, equipment, trip planning, permits, and staff. Trip fees do not include the cost of transportation to and from the meeting place. A 25% non-refundable deposit is due with your registration. Your balance is due six weeks before your trip.


Most groups consist of 6-15 participants and 1-4 staff, including people between the ages of 18 and 80 years. People under 18 are welcome on these trips if accompanied by an adult. There are family and women’s trips available. You are also welcome to assemble your own group and do a private trip just for them.


WI trips are designed to accommodate both beginning and seasoned travelers. If a trip is more strenuous, we explain it in the TYPE OF TRAVEL / DISTANCE section on travel and logistics. From our perspective, the overall strength of the group is more important than the ability of any one individual. Weather and other conditions can make a trip more physically demanding. If you have any concerns about the difficulty of a particular trip, please call.


WI trips are group oriented and cooperative in nature. If traveling in the wilderness, participants typically help out around camp, including meal preparation and clean up. Lodge-based trips tend to have more meals prepared and served in restaurants and kitchens. If you’re unfamiliar with camping, WI staff will teach you what you need to know and will assist you in whatever areas you need.


WI will provide you with directions to your destination. We also provide van transportation from nearby cities to meeting places for some trips. Cost for van transportation is additional and varies from $20 to $250, depending on the distance traveled. Van space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. During your online registration, if it is available, you will be asked if you wish to take our van transportation. For more information about getting to your destination click here.


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Beth Dooley

You’ll be pleased by the food we offer. Cookbook author and food guru Beth Dooley joined our staff a few years ago and she is infusing our fare with flare! Typical menus include meals like pesto pasta, chicken burritos, stir-fry, deli sandwiches, and blueberry pancakes. Meals do vary somewhat by trip. On long expeditions such as the Porcupine River, we bring more freeze-dried type foods that keep well for weeks without refrigeration. On international trips, we tend to eat the local cuisine, like fresh caught grouper served at Irene’s place in Belize–delicious! Some trips, like A Taste of the Apostles, feature local foods as a special focus. Please note any dietary restrictions on your registration form. For more information about food and menus click here.


You supply your own clothing and personal items; we supply the rest. WI sends a detailed personal packing list with your trip confirmation. For more information about clothing and equipment click here. Call if you have questions.


Due to the conditions in which we travel, manual chairs work best. Knobby tires are very helpful, as are balloon front tires. Most modern wheelchairs are adequate. We sometimes use adaptive equipment to facilitate the journey, like our fabulous “rick-shaw” device that turns a standard wheelchair into a trail machine in moments. Learn more about how people with disabilities participate. Call if you have questions.


We accommodate people of all abilities. Some trips and activities are more or less accessible depending upon your situation. If you have a disability or health concern, please describe it on your confidential registration form. We review every registration form and will call you to discuss any issues we have regarding your ability to safely and successfully participate on the trip. Our goal is to deliver the best experience possible, and working to provide universal access to the outdoors is our specialty. Learn more about how people with disabilities participate.


We follow the basic rules of etiquette here, and also the law. If you are an adult and you smoke or enjoy a glass of wine, you may do so on most of our trips, however we do not allow these issues to become a distraction or disruption. For safety, liability, and quality group experiences, we do not tolerate abuse of alcoholic beverages, nor use by any minor or vulnerable adult. No smoking is allowed in vehicles, indoors, or in tents. If you have questions, please call.


None of these, please! Too much to carry.


We work to keep our trips affordable for everyone. If you need additional assistance, WI offers financial aid for many domestic trips. Financial aid is not available for international trips. For more information about financial aid click here. Time payments are also available. Click here to apply for financial aid, or call 612-676-9400.


Your deposit is non-refundable once you are confirmed for your trip.

For trips in the United States:

  • 6 weeks prior — we refund all fees paid (minus deposit).
  • Less than 6 weeks but more than 3 weeks — we refund 50% of
    the trip fee (minus deposit).
  • Less than 3 weeks — no refund.

For trips outside the United States:

  • 12 weeks prior — we refund all fees paid (minus deposit).
  • Less than 12 weeks — no refund.

For all contract trips:

  • 12 weeks prior — we refund all fees paid (minus deposit).
  • Less than 12 weeks — no refund.

If WI cancels a trip, we will refund all fees paid to WI, including the deposit. However, to protect your investment in your travel plans we recommend purchasing travel insurance. Information on travel insurance is included in your trip confirmation packet. If after registering you wish to switch trips, you may do so subject to availability. Fees may apply.

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