Internships at Wilderness Inquiry

Our internship program helps you bridge the gap between the educational experience and the professional work environment. This is a time when you will have real responsibilities, while continuing to learn and refine your skills. We provide both academic and non-academic internships. The structure of the WI internship program is flexible in order to meet your requirements while you are also meeting the needs of Wilderness Inquiry.

The WI Internship Experience

Specific intern experiences vary depending upon the season of year you choose and your individual academic requirements. However, most interns experience logistical and administrative support, outdoor equipment organization and maintenance, trip leading and academic/organizational projects. Through these experiences, and by working with diverse groups of people, interns gain valuable skills in fostering social integration, adapting to individual needs, ensuring safety, implementing servant leadership, and learning and applying outdoor living skills.


WI internships are unpaid positions, however, we provide some great benefits, including a frequent pathway to employment as a trail guide or full-time staff.

  • Housing: Martha’s Place, the WI staff house, is available to full-time interns at no charge.
  • Training: Interns participate in our Staff Training Program.
  • Gear: Prodeals from companies such as Patagonia, Chaco, Seal Line, NRS, etc.
  • Travel: Many interns go on WI’s adventures
  • Employment: Opportunities to earn a paid staff position after successful completion of the internship.

Interns are an integral part of the Wilderness Inquiry community. You will meet and associate with great people, from all levels of our organization.


We do not require interns to have certifications in order to be considered for an internship, however it is highly recommended that you work towards having the required trail staff certifications. You must be current with these certs before you are eligible to be trail staff. Click here for more information.

The following intern positions are currently available at Wilderness Inquiry:

Job TitleJob TypeViewOnline Application
Intern -- Programming and Operations Part-time/Seasonal Job Description | FAQs Apply Now
Intern -- Development Part-time/Seasonal Job Description | FAQs Apply Now

Get a Minor in Outdoor Recreation at the University of Minnesota

Wilderness Inquiry partners with the University of Minnesota Recreation, Park & Leisure Studies Dept to offer an Outdoor Recreation Immersion Semester. This 16-20 credit leadership and skill development program complements any area of study. Highlights of the program include:

  • Wilderness Inquiry led trips to Costa Rica, Belize, Kilimanjaro or Kenya
  • Program Development class taught at WI
  • Directed study at an organization like WI or the National Park Service
  • Outdoor Leadership class taught at WI’s Apostle Islands Base Camp

Visit for more information.

Thank you for your interest in doing an internship with Wilderness Inquiry!

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