Employment & Volunteering

We’re biased, of course, but some of the best people on earth work and volunteer for Wilderness Inquiry. We look for natural servant leaders, people who are interested in enriching the lives of individuals, building better organizations and creating a more just and caring world.

You can get involved in several ways:

  • Employment opportunities — Learn more about career and trail guide employment at Wilderness Inquiry.
  • Internships — Dozens of students do internships every year. We have year-round internship opportunities.
  • Volunteer — Meet new friends, provide a service, and become part of the Wilderness Inquiry community.

Other opportunities for involvement:

  • Photo contest — Upload photos from your Wilderness Inquiry trip and enter our photo contest to win great prizes and see your photo in our publications, including catalogs, the website and brochures.
  • Donations and support — We are an inclusive bunch, and we strive to share the adventure with as many people as possible every year. Your donations help us to conduct programs that allow thousands of people each year to experience the outdoors in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without your support.
  • Become a Champion — Want to help Wilderness Inquiry “Share the Adventure” with everyone? Become a Champion and let your friends and associates know of our mission and the work that we do.