East Africa Safaris to Kenya and Tanzania

Most people come to Kenya and Tanzania to experience elephants, lions, rhinos–the “big five” animals. You will see every animal you could imagine, and then some. As is true on many trips with Wilderness Inquiry, those things that are unexpected often define the experience.  On our adventures in East Africa, that might include the connection formed with the people, gaining understanding of a culture, or having the chance to serve and make a difference.  You will meet and visit with members of the Maasai, Samburu, Kikuyu or other tribes, and learn about their way of life.

This is exactly what sets our African Safaris apart; our local connections to the land and the people who live there. Our partners and guides, Richard Muthoga Mwaura in Kenya and Donatus Gadiye in Tanzania, grew up in the places where we go. They are gifted leaders and they know the people, the land, and of course the animals. Muthoga has friends everywhere we go, and Donatus knows the name of every Rhino in the Ngorongoro Crater!

Another unique aspect of Wilderness Inquiry Safaris is that we work with several local schools and programs. Depending on the Safari you take, you may have a chance to visit them and serve with them. We are very proud of our association with these organizations and we encourage you to read about them here.

Going half-way around the world to East Africa is truly the adventure of a lifetime for anyone. We know this, and will help you make the very best of it. For more information about adventures in East Africa please contact us at 612-676-9400 or info@wildernessinquiry.org.

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