The Places We Go!

We do many trips to many places, and we’ve designed our website to help you easily find them by place, date, activity, leader and more. Find your trip by:

  • Love maps? You will love this interactive map of all WI destinations! View the places we go, click on the link, and find all of the trips we do in that place. This map will help you put our destinations in context.

  • Have a specific window in time? Find your trip chronologically by date. We add new adventures and offerings all the time, so check back frequently!

  • Interested in a specific activity, like sea kayaking, canoeing, or traveling by horseback? This shows you all trips by primary activity. On some adventures, like Copper Canyon, you will do a variety of activities.

  • Want to go to certain region, like the Pacific Northwest, the North Woods, or Central America? This page sorts destinations by region.

  • Already have your group together? We do many trips for pre-existing groups, including schools, families, college friends, you name it. Choose from one of our existing itineraries, or customize your won.